Tasks 2.0

Tasks 2.0 is out as of this afternoon and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to keep track of things in their lives. Sure you can use todos in your palm or iCal or some similar software, but the flexibility and strenghs of Tasks are too great to pass up.

With built-in RSS and phpiCalendar (also with RSS) you can subscribe to your tasks in an aggregator, receive email updates and even sync to your Palm device. Sync is still one way, but with a wireless connection you can connect to your server and review what’s on tap.

As I previously blogged, Tasks 2.0 is great and well worth the cost. The price is actually quite reasonable. There is a demo set-up which will give you a full feel for how things work. If you want to install it yourself, you can do so for a 21-day run.

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