Gmail – quick thoughts…

It’s very cool… While you are totally in the browser, it really feels like an application rather than run of the mill webmail with a Google search engine behind it. While I only have a few messages going, the threads or conversations in the parlance of Gmail are easy to deal with and simple to follow. Spellchecker works well, though for some reason Google cannot recognize I’ve as a word. It thinks ‘ve is misspelled… it’s beta after all.

Well – much more digging and playing to do. Looks like a keeper though. I can definitely see using this to pull pop/imap messages through. I’d love to see Gmail work as my webmail for my domain’s mail, taking advantage of the search indexing and remote storage. I know in an interview I read remote IMAP is probably coming, though for now it’s just local Gmail only and only Gmail messages as well – no pulling in of other accounts just yet.

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