A Day in the life of the MS Mac BU

Rick Schaut works in the Macintosh Business Unit at Microsoft …

A few years back, Steve Ballmer sent out a company-wide memo stating the policy that no product can ship unless it first runs on Windows NT. He was pretty good-natured about it when we pointed out that this policy would have a seriously negative impact on our ability to ship Mac Office 2001 on time, but it was pretty clear that he simply hadn%u2019t thought about Mac BU at all.

A guaranteed way to garner a few surprised looks is to attend some non-Mac BU meeting, like one of the lectures at Microsoft Research%u2019s Tech Fest or one of the training courses offered by Microsoft%u2019s Technical Education group, and pull out your G4 PowerBook so that you can take notes. I always feel like I should boot up the debugger to run Word so people understand. [Life in Whoville]

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