I’ve been thinking about switching our home phone number over to one of the VOIP services… We received a Direct Mail piece today from AT&T which is selling a discounted rate of $19.99/mo for 6 months but then switches back to the regular rate of $39.99/mo. Vonage lowered their unlimited package today to $29.99 which is pretty nice including the hardware.

Our current provider is Verizon and their unlimited package is $59.99 for traditional service, though each month after the tariffs and fees is more like $85. Saving money is a good thing, but I am actually more drawn to the tech aspects of the service more than the price. I like the idea of being able to listening to voicemail online, getting them either in my email (ATT) or links to the website (Vonage).

They both seem good as far as features and options with the service, though the possibility of also using a software SIP phone on my laptop is drawing me more to Vonage. ATT does have a cool privacy feature which I can’t find on Vonage, which would let you set your phone to silent, except for urgent or desired calls. This would be great for when Hannah is taking a nap…

I also wonder what we might miss if we switch… when we had ATT before Verizon, their voicemail notification did not work without their caller-ID box which was annoying and was no where as simple as the tone you hear when you pick up the phone with the local guys. Our apartment building uses the phone line for front desk to apartment intercom, so we can be notified of deliveries and visitors — it is unlikely if at possible that VOIP would work with this since it is not on the phone lines.

I’m still torn on which to choose at the moment… have to think more about this before just jumping in.

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  1. “…no where as simple as the tone you hear when you pick up the phone…”

    Actually, Vonage ‘blinks’ the dialtone at you when you have a voicemail waiting for you.

  2. I’ve been using Vonage for almost a year now; overall, I’m very happy with the service. Once in a while irritating things happen like incoming calls going directly to voice mail, but I think the price and added features well outweigh the minor problems. As far as the building being able to call you directly, unless they actually dial your phone number, it won’t work with Vonage or AT&T, you’ll probably need to leave a phone hooked up to your old copper wire if you ever want another delivery 🙂

  3. Thanks JP!

    I can handle the occasional call to voicemail as it’s kinda nice to not have it ringing… unless of course you need that call. 😉

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