Ripe Entertainment Seeks to Spoil TiVO viewing

RipeTV coming fourth quarter 2004 to broadband and VOD for 18-34 year old men….

Ripe Entertainment is introducing a free “on-demand” cable network, called RipeTV, which will have advertising embedded into its shows. It has seven different types of advertising that will not be able to be fast-forwarded through when recorded on a PVR. RipeTV’s CEO, Ryan Magnussen, calls it “TiVo-proof.”

New ads include a 3-D animated advertiser logo or graphic to open and close the show, an animated logo occupying the lower third of the screen, a “video skin” or graphic frame with the advertisers brand framed around the show, video billboards in the lower third, strategically placed spots and long-form commercials. The ads are more like magazine advertisements, in a video magazine setting.

Consumers might not like a “TiVo proof” TV network unless the content is truly fantastic. Much like Internet surfers can block pop under ads, TiVo users feel it is their right to skip commercials. [AudioRevolution]

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