One more try with Entourage

I thought I’d give it another try today and left off so I could really give it a full go. I even started with a fresh set of user prrefs from my earlier run, which had imported all my mail from After configured my filters, mailing lists and prefs I got comfortable… Though Entourage does not make it easy.

Entourage IMAP Sucks!

Examples of my pain in trying to get it to work…

Lost mailbox lock
Trying to get mailbox lock from process 9962
Trying to get mailbox lock from process 10320
Trying to get mailbox lock from process 10579

Messages I’ve deleted continually re-appear in subfolders rather than simply deleting as expected and requested.

The IMAP mailboxes seem to work in the way I recall connecting to an exchange server (which was and probably still is a flavor of IMAP) from my former employer. It needs to sync, which is drastically different from my experience in which is much more responsive to on-server usage.

I also don’t like that you have to maintain separate mailboxes for each account. I’ve got three connected now and would have a fourth if I activated my spam pop… This creates a long list of mailboxes since each account has a standard set, plus whatever folders you create for saving messages.

Threads have also become too important for me in longer lists of messages with multiple conversations…or folders in which I filter more than one mail list.

Again – I like the UI of Entourage, but think I would like it much more if I was just a POP user… It’s too much of a pain this way.

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  1. Entourage does this even with the simultaneous commands preference off…. at least with one of my IMAP accounts…Does anyone know why?

  2. Have you found any solution to the Entourage problem? I get those same error messages constantly, and I am SO tired of seeing emails I deleted or filed re-appear. Entourage does suck, doesn’t it?

  3. I’ve grown pretty accustomed to Thunderbird for the time being. I like threads, which Entourage has ignored as a possible feature. It’s also the same on different machines I’ve been using since I had to throw a PC into my mix…

  4. just came by and found this tip extremely useful as i use imap everyday to check my personal email. thanks to D.E.

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