Something Better Than The Orange XML Icon

It’s definitley time for this…if not exactly, someting similar that let’s syndication really take off on a much broader scale.

For RSS to be truly mainstream, subscribing to a web page needs to be a simple as printing. When I want to print a web page, I don’t have to go scroll through the page and hunt for a little orange “print me!” icon.

The icon is really useful only for people who already know how it’s used. If you told your mom [1] to “go to Reuters and subscribe to their page”, do you think she would be able to figure out that she’s supposed to click the orange xml icon? Or do you think she’d do better with a toolbar button/menu item titled “subscribe”? Now, for people who do understand what the icon is for, do you think it’s more usable to hunt-n-click, or use a single, consistent UI like printing? [Better Living Through Software ]

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