Shiira is Japanese browser based on webkit and seems to be pretty damn similar if not the same as Safari. I would be hard pressed to point out any differences in the few minutes I tried other than these few details…

Keyboard Shortcuts for bookmarks in the bar don’t work
You can use your safari bookmarks directly without import, Shiira can actually read the file itself and loads things in as though it was native.

Other than that, I don’t read Japanese, so I have no idea what it says on the website. It feels like a Safari clone to me… If you want to surf different, yet like Safari, Shiira might be for you.

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  1. the intro says they’re aiming for a Safari-like browser that’s easier to use. They wanted to make an open-source browser based on webkit. The whole thing started as a test of the webkit platform and evolved into a fullblown browser. Shiira is Japanese for Dolphin, or Mahi-mahi.

    The current release feature list is as follows:
    -tab browsing
    -bookmark mgmt, safari bookmark import
    -bookmark/history sidebar or toolbar
    -search field search engine
    -tab-style window switching ?
    -related tabs & other tab functions
    -cache control panel
    -aqua/metal window switching
    -switching between toolbars
    -cookie cache clearance avail. on quitting
    -favicon support on/off
    -display multiple source windows in single browser?
    -http header visible in source window
    -wheel button tabbing
    -bkmark file in its own tabbed window
    -dropdown menu on a long toolbar click
    -search bookmarks& hist in sidebar
    -search engine callup from context menu.


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