POP Gmail

I guess it was only a matter of time for this to get hacked…Windows only. Google will be officially supporting this in the future, so this is if you just have to have your Gmail in your desktop client… now.

PGtGM runs on the tray of your computer, converting gmail emails from webbased HTML data into POP3 emails that most email clients, such as outlook, OE and Opera can read.

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  1. Looks Good! Though just for Windows…

    I’m using GCount which runs in the Mac Menu bar and notifies of new mail. It does not let you use a desktop mail client to read or send though

  2. You can set up freepops (freepops.sourceforge.net) for gmail pop access in OS X. I have found it to be a bit buggy, sometimes not showing mail that it has marked as read on my gmail account, and attachments often do not come through cleanly, or as a long pile of code in the body of the email.

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