Kitten’s Spam Words 1.1

Installing this now… I’ve been pretty lucky on the spam front since my move to wordpress, but this is a great sounding tool to prevent repeat attempts.

This plugin adds a “Delete comments as spam” button to the mass editing of comments page. When used to delete unwanted comments, the email address, url, and IP address will be added to your spam words list (SWL). Future comments matching any of those items will automatically be moderated. [Kitten’s Project Blog]

I had an issue getting this to install on my 1.3 pre-alpha system… probably related to some DB changes that occur in each update. Hopefully I’ll have this running soon.

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  1. You might want to hack the hack, to remove the IP banning. It’s a terrible idea, unless for some reason you feel that being spammed by someone using an AOL dialup account, or behind a BT proxy server, or any of hundreds of other sorts of IP addresses that aren’t permanently assigned to a single human, is reason enough to never accept a comment from anyone who at some time in the future winds up with that same IP address. Even something slightly stable, like a cable modem, you ban it, the spammer and an innocent customer both cycle the power, and they’ve traded IPs.

  2. I’m planning on adding user options to let you toggle what you want added. This version was the kitchen sink release, and will be refined some more. Stay tuned.

    Oh, and Phil, it’s not like they’re deleted, they just go into moderation, for you to look at, and approve.

  3. Thanks Phil and Kitty…

    Working through the bug now with Kitty and hopefully will have it live soon. I like the idea of blocking immediately and editing later. At least that way it’s done if it is a baddy… which they usually are from my MT experience with Spam Comments

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