Firefox needs better window control

Firefox is a great browser… it’s standards compliant, fast and has some really great features for managing privacy. What it’s missing though drives me a tad nutty…

Any new window that opens, cascades rather than opens directly on top of the previous window. When you are running in full screen, this means that the new window opens with a portion under the dock (assuming your dock is on the bottom as mine happens to be). I have to move each new window back up to the top left each time.

Speaking of new windows… there really needs to be built-in way to control links from external applications… As if the new window bit I just mentioned was not annoying enough, imagine the number of windows you might get if you like to open a few links from mail or your newsreader before checking things out… If there was a simple pref to set for external links to open in new tabs, I’d be very happy and would use Firefox most likely as my default browser.

Since Apple released OS 10.3.4, I’ve played with Safari again, and appreciate it, but prefer Camino if if it’s pre-release and has a few bugs…

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