Borderless iPhoto Printing?

Has anyone figured out how to print a borderless shot with iPhoto?

I’ve tried many different paper types and have found it impossible. The result is always a white border on 2 sides for 4×6 prints. When I use the card from my camera directly in my printer – an HP Photosmart 7960 – it works great. It’s easy to print from the printer, but it would be nice to select from our collection and print from the computer without having to copy to the card first…

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  1. Maybe its your driver (they released some new ones not too long ago)… I am having no trouble printing borderless up to 8-1/2 x 11 on my HP from iphoto…. and wirelessly to boot…. oh, make sure you choose IP printing (and not rendezvous in the printer setup utility)…. you should see the borderless choices in the Page Setup dialog – in iphoto use the File menu to print instead of the print icon in the iphoto window…..

  2. My issue is purely with 4×6 prints… with the right paper and any of the options for borderless prints in page setup, they don’t work. I always get 2 sides with white borders. When I print directly from the printer (I can put the card right in there) it works perfectly.

  3. I’m having same problem with Canon i950 printer. I have most recent driver but still get margins on 4X6 prints when I try to print borderless. Any ideas?

  4. I don’t — so far the only way I know how to work-around this is to print using the card from my camera in the printer. iPhoto seems to be adding the border…

  5. I’m having the same issue using an HP 2510 w/ iphoto. Prints via the card reader come out perfect, but prints via iphoto have borders on both sides although I’m selecting borderless 4×6.

  6. I am having the same trouble with the Epson R300 when trying to print 4×6 prints from iPhoto 4.0.1 🙁

  7. I’ve had the same problem, but I’ve sussed it (finally). If your pictures are like mine, they’re not in 2:3 ratio when they come out of the camera. So iPhoto is doing its best to fit the image to the paper, but it’s not going to discard any image information (it doesn’t know what’s important). This is actually correct behavior.

    To fix it, you must select 4×6 contraint (portrait or landscape) and crop the image yourself. Then you can get a full-bleed print.

    Works on my Mac with an HP 2510.

    Good luck!


  8. that kinda sucks to have to crop the image (basically reducing the image space) but sounds logical. I’ll have to give that a try when I get back to my system at home

  9. There actually used to be more comments here… argh

    I don’t have a good solution actually and have been moving files back to my card when I am ready to print and printing directing from the printer.

  10. I actually have previous comments saved for this in my email since I get notification when that happens.

    Seems the solution is to crop the image in iPhoto to a 4×6 size and print that. Kind of a bummer that iPhoto can’t size to fit like other apps.

  11. my epson photo r300 cannot do borderess 4×6 with iphoto. that sucks. i don’t want to crop and i don’t want to print from the card. i want to print and organize using iphoto. ughhh.

  12. Welcome to the club!

    I think the real issue is that our cameras are not capturing in pure multiples of 4×6 so there is no way to scale the whole picture without cropping. iPhoto is taking a pure stance on how to deal with the image data which is probably best anyway.

  13. It’s an extra step, but I’ve been using TalaPhoto in addition to iPhoto. I don’t like pre-cropping my images to fit a paper size, because I have to go back and undo it afterwards. By dragging the image from the iPhoto window to TalaPhoto, I can customize the print non-destructively. It has a wonderful slider to size an image for the paper size and tells you what print resolution you are getting from it. I love it and wish that Apple would wise up and implement this into iPhoto. Everyone should try this out and tell Apple about it. And, no, I’m not in the least related to TalaPhoto, I just want Apple to get their act together.

  14. I’m TalaPhoto’s author…thanks for mentioning it. TalaPhoto can import single photos or a whole album from iPhoto. By default it will scale the image to fill the printable area. You can zoom and drag the image around until you like the composition, without altering your original image file. Just click to print a single photo or a whole contact sheet of images.

    And just as easily TalaPhoto will make a whole photo gallery or a photo movie with transition effects and background music.

    If you have any suggestions for improving TalaPhoto , please let me know.


  15. I noticed the same thing only when I used my Canon SD500. With my Canon SLR 10D I never had any issues. With the Canon SD500 I found a trick: Not to use iPhoto but use the Easy Photo Print software that came with the Canon. It lets you match how you want to print (WYSIWYG). It even lets you crop it your own style to match 4×6 so you dont crop someone’s head. VERY SMART. TIP: If you want to use iPhoto red eye reduction , etc features, when you are done export all those pics into a canon print folder. Then open canon application and print it nice an easy. Bad Move Apple, get a fix quick!

  16. As far as getting the picture in actual 4×6 format, some cameras like my Sony Cybershot has a 2:3 setting which basically sets it to a regular cameras picture. Digital cameras are set up to work on our 4:3 tv’s, so the pictures are square insetad or rectangular. Check if your digital camera has a similar setting. If it does you should see two black bars at the top and bottom of your LCD just like a widescreen movie has.

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