Mark/Space Mac Hotsync

Just in from Palminfocenter…

Mark/Space has announced version 4.0 of The Missing Sync for Palm OS. Expected to ship in August, this version supersedes PalmSource’s aging HotSync Manager for Mac OS X. [PalmInfocenter]

“When we set out to revitalize Mac-to-Palm synchronization, it was our intention to provide users with three things,” said Brian Hall, Mark/Space CEO, “Compatibility with existing software conduits, cool new features like Wi-Fi synchronization and confidence that a dedicated company with many years of Mac and Palm OS expertise is supporting their needs. We’ve succeeded in providing a solution that will ensure the future of Mac-to-Palm synchronization.”

Too bad this will cost $$… You are looking at $39.95 for an electronic copy, but will likely be discounted when you purchase a new device.

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