While I was trying to avoid the site, I decided to check out Ugoff, the new site for BK by Crispin Porter, professional curiosity pulled me in… It’s not as crazy as Subservient Chicken, but it very well done and pretty funny. Ugoff looks like Matt Stone of South Park fame, yet sounds and dresses more like Mike Meyers from Sprockets. The interesting thing about the site which promotes the BK Salad and the bag it comes in is that it actually promotes up and coming designers of pretty fashionable women’s handbags.

The buzz is not as strong as the chicken was – you only get one of those without people knowing it’s an ad the next time, but seems to be a nice next move for both BK and the Agency. This time the site accompanied by a TV Spot directed by Roman Coppola, so it’s not exactly viral, though word or mouth seems to be pushing this. (That and of course the NYT Advertsising Section mention earlier in the week)

As a side note I mis-typed the url for the Chicken and it still resolved correctly… smart play.

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