Quick Feedburner Follow-up…

I just saw that Steve Rubel switched to Feedburner after reading about my experience and I realized I had not mentioned what I had done in making the switch to retain existing subscribers while picking up new ones through the new feed URI. Here’s the skinny from what I did earlier in the week so anyone else interested can take advantage of the same tricks… It was actually quite simple.

I found a few posts on the Feedburner blog which made it all possible.

The great thing about Feedburner from a user perspective is that it’s simple. You the reader no longer have to make a syndication selection (Atom vs. Flavor of RSS) and I the publisher can make universal changes from the control panel which automatically go into effect. There is no editing of code, period.

Following the info on the two links above, I was able to change all my autodiscovery links (they are in your HTML header) to all point to the same Feedburner URl. I then used a simple redirect in my .htaccess and was off. Within 24 hours I had and continue to have some nice stats to complement the sitemeter web access info I check regularly.

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  1. Hi, I notice your RSS feeds link straight through to your site (ie they don’t re-direct to Feedburner). Are you still using Feedburner, and if so how did you get your RSS feed links to *not* re-direct to Feedburner in the browser window? Can you please send me an email? thanks heaps.

    cheers, Richard

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