Quick Notes from the WWDC Keynote

Automator Rocks!

Just watched the WWDC Keynote and was thinking about how amazing the tech is within Automator… I can’t wait to get my hands on it and begin simplifying the computing for me and my family… No more how do you do this? No more doing things again and again. Inter-op between apps for some digital workflow seems like just a few clicks…

As a somewhat frustrated reverse engineer… I don’t have the skills needed to do much of what I’d love to do without really sweating it out. Automator looks like it will just open the door to possibilities beyond what I thought was possible.

iChat AV conferencing is amazing!!

I love how the windows are almost liquid in their appearance — spanning to allow changes in the group conversation. Great quote from Steve on video conferencing — How are we going to do this user interface? Are we going to do it with three separate windows which is how everyone else would? No…

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  1. Automator look like it’s just a GUI on the standard AppleScript editor record function…..you don’t have to wait!

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