GooGa 1.0 – A Multi-Google Search Gadget

Tiger might be a year away, but here’s a new “Gadget” for Dashboard I’ll be looking forward to playing with when does…Main feature? Searches Google, Google Images, Google Groups, Google News, Froogle, and even gmail.

Having a decent HTML and CSS background, and some antiquated recollection of Javascript, I decided to code what is the obligatory gadget, a Google search gadget named “GooGa”. The API is not difficult, and only working between the holes in my Javascript memory and some poor debugging info in Tiger. [Dan Dickinson: The Primary Vivid Weblog]

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  1. As I’ve been looking over the gadget over the last hour or two after submission to the contest, I realize that there are a number of easy fixes and enhancements I can do. Expect 1.1 this weekend.

    (And thanks for the link!)

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