Card Export II Makes Treo 600 Plug and Play Storage

This is a totally cool way to access the SD slot on a Palm without removing it and having to use a card reader… works on Mac as well as PC.

TreoCentral gives a short, but very positive preview of the latest version of Card Export II, a bit of software that emulates the USB Mass Storage standard that, this time around, lets your Treo 600 plug-and-play with your PC just like a USB flash memory drive. What that means to you is that simply plugging your Treo into any random machine will enable you to copy data back and forth to the SD card without installing any drivers, greatly easing the hassle of just trying to copy a few bits of data off a work or friend’s machine. Card Export II is $15 to purchase, but they do have a free trial.

And for what it’s worth, Card Export supports many different Palm devices, not just Treos.
Read – Treo as a flash memory drive [TreoCentral]

Read – Product Page [Softick]


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