Zen Portable Media Center

In addition to additional format support, I’d suggest more platform support as well. Most people using windows are not buying media center PCs which this is catered around and there are certainly people using older windows versions, not to mention Mac and Linux PCs.

I still like the Portable Media device idea, have to wait and see what else comes aroung. Archos seems to be the mindshare leader in my book. Perhaps a more powerful Palm based OS6 device will be able to handle this duty…

This new Creative unit is the first product that MS hinted at early this year. It’ll be interesting to see how well it does in the marketplace. The price is kind of high and since you’re locked into using Windows Media Video instead of Microsoft’s own AVI, DivX, and/or MPEG, I’m curious if there are enough legitimate users of wmv to create a market for this. I bet if the device played more video and audio formats (why not add ogg support?), they’d sell more.


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