Yahoo has acquired Oddpost

Competition for advanced web services is heating up! Oddpost also noted in the recent WSJ article on feedreaders, combines a nice webmail client with a feedreader… it should be very interesting to see how this falls into place in the world of Yahoo. I’ll be looking forward to giving it a whirl for sure.

Yahoo has acquired Oddpost. A couple of weeks ago I got a heads-up that this deal had been consumated and would be announced shortly. Little did I imagine then that they would pick a Friday evening to make the announcement, but that’s the way it goes. It’s a big one. Oddpost turned the idea of what you could do with a browser upside down, by producing a clone of Microsoft Outlook in JavaScript and DHTML running in MSIE. Since then, they have labored in relative obscurity, growing a customer base, raising VC money, adding people, and staying out of the way. Then Google launches Gmail, with a very Oddpostish interface, and someone at Yahoo says “Hmmm, I’ve seen that somewhere,” calls up Ethan and Iain and their new VCs and asks “Are you for sale?” and the rest is history. [Scripting News]

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