Pocket-DVD Studio for Palm

I have yet to try this, but it seems the main limitation is the size of the SD card you carry which enables the compression size to expand. Looks like it is designed for the T3…which they say plays better than a PPC.

Carry DVD movies in your pocket. Turn boring time into fun right from your pocket, anywhere, anytime. Let your children have something to do and keep quiet while travelling. This software makes life easier with much more fun. Convert DVDs into palm video is simple and fast. Any movie less than 3 hours long can be compressed into a 128MB/256MB/512MB card. It’s a great application that justifies the purchase of your palm device. [Palm Movie]

Update – So I had downloaded this and gone to do something else. Upon coming back to my desk, I realized that this only exists as a .exe, windows only app. Guess I won’t be trying it out after all. Seems that the image on the page is a tad misleading since it seems like an Aqua screen…

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