Salling Clicker

I’m always amused (perhaps too easily) when the bigger sites discover something you’ve known about for a pretty long time… Salling Clicker is an amazing tool to use if you’ve got a bluetooth connection between your Mac and either a Palm or mobile phone. Version 2.2, which was released yesterday and that I happily beta tested allows for additional controls and even lets you remote command your Slim Devices server… rock on!

Justin Ried of TheFeature has good things to say about a neat-sounding application called Salling Clicker that turns a Bluetooth device into a remote control for your Mac.

One of the really amazing features is that you can see not just ordinary information about the track you’ve got currently playing in iTunes – artist and song name, track length, etc. – but also the album art, directly on your mobile device. [Boing Boing]

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