Missing Sync v4 Now Available

I won’t have a chance to mess with this until I get back from SF as I am using me issued Thinkpad at the moment, but I am excited at the future of Mac sync for Palm. The old way has worked, but is pretty tired. This week I’ve been syncing on Windows and the speed alone is a shocking difference…

Mark/Space today began shipping version 4.0 of The Missing Sync for Palm OS, their highly-anticipated successor to PalmSource’s HotSync Manager for Mac OS X, with support for PDAs and smartphones from companies including AlphaSmart, Garmin, palmOne, Samsung, Sony and Tapwave.

The Missing Sync for Palm OS v4 goes far beyond providing the basic functionality of HotSync Manager –the software component that allows data to be exchanged between a Palm OS device and a Mac — by introducing a host of new capabilities that Mac users have been asking for, such as network sync over Wi-Fi/AirPort, SyncMinder, which reminds the user when it’s time to synchronize, and wireless internet connection sharing over Bluetooth.

[Missing Sync for Palm OS v4] Other new features include Conduit Profiles that allow the user to easily turn on and off groups of conduits, drag-and-drop install targets that send files directly to the internal memory or expansion card and a standalone MemoPad application that allows Address Book and iCal users to synchronize handheld memos. Longtime Missing Sync favorites, such as desktop mounting and iPhoto/iTunes integration, are also included. [PalmInfocenter.com]

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