Wi-Fi Gets A Speed Boost

Not yet officially but coming soon… they are talking about at least 4x speed on top of 802.11G…. nice!

MIMO (pronounced MY-moh) stands for multiple input/multiple output and uses multiple antennas to break a single fast signal into several slower signals at the same time. The slower signals are sent using a different antenna using the same frequency channel. The receiver then reassembles the signals using complex mathematical algorithms to sort out the jumbled radio waves so that they can be read easily. The result: clear, unbroken wireless Internet access over a large area, and fast as all get-out.

From the 16th-floor, penthouse suite of Manhattan’s Royalton Hotel, a Belkin company representative streamed the “Spiderman 2” trailer using a Dell (nasdaq: DELL – news – people ) laptop to the bustling, sun-drenched, ground-floor plaza outside the hotel. The signal was transmitted hundreds of feet through the window to the router in the dining area, then to a flat-screen Panasonic LED television, without a break in the action.

In another demonstration, the Belkin router and network card were put to the test directly against Netgear’s (nasdaq: NTGR – news – people ) 802.11g products. When the laptop was moved into the mirrored, chrome-filled bathroom, two rooms away from the access point, the stream from the Netgear network card broke easily, while the Belkin Wi-Fi system kept playing. [Forbes.com]

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