Corporate blogging

Nice write-up on the difference in personal and work blogs… 😉

So, I have a corporate blog now, in addition to %u201Cdive into mark,%u201D which will remain a personal blog. A corporate blog is just like a personal blog, except you don%u2019t get to use the word %u201Cmotherfucker.%u201D

Also, you don%u2019t get control over your blog%u2019s look, feel, markup, software, features, URLs, feeds, comment registration system, or accessibility. You have no access to hit counts or referrer logs. You have no control over the popup window that asks your readers to fill out a survey when they leave your blog. I%u2019ve made a business case for getting raw access logs and referrer logs, but no word yet on when they might be available.

I expect this lack of control will free me to concentrate on my writing, which will be scrutinized by two levels of managers and a team of rabid lawyers. [dive into mark]

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