The thrills of business travel

Wake up at 4:30am to catch a 6:30 flight at LGA …

leave and land late arriving late at IAD (Dulles) to scheduled 8am meeting

arrive 2 hours early (after meetings) to return and discover 30 minutes before flight is scheduled to leave it is postponed 2 hours… 2 hours later it is cancelled. Thanks, Charley.

Wait in line with many other suckers to try and deal with the customer service counter… call United directly and book a 7am flight tomorrow, noting additional not yet cancelled flights still on the board. Hit the gates, booking a hotel room for backup and eventually getting on the standby list (somehow with a miraculously low number)

Success! Name gets called and now just waiting for the plane to be ready — after the pilot’s dinner of course!

Still have a ways to go…. the flight has yet to be called for boarding to offically get the heck out of town. We’ll see … but looking good.


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