Does Satellite Radio Track You?

I was just thinking while cleaning up after dinner…

Does either Satellite radio service have a built way to track listeners to get some actual (not Nielson or Arbitron BS) numbers? I would think there was a solid opportunity to build this in from the beginning, I just have no idea whether XM or Sirius went for it…

What got me started was thinking about the Opie and Anthony deal and how they are choosing to be listed as a premium (you pay on top of the subscription) channel in the same was as Playboy and a few others. I get this, as it gives extra protection from FCC scrutiny, but the Sat services are already premium… I mean you have to pay to get any of the channels, it’s not freely broadcast for anyone to hear. Anyway without getting too distracted it would be interesting to see comparisons between what the now paying public tallied up to compared to previously reported numbers. I know the numbers will be smaller anyway since so few people have the services, but then we might also look at new subs, who add the show.

Personally I don’t care about those guys. I might consider getting one of the services for Howard Stern, but even then I would have to be living somewhere where radio was a part of my daily media consumption.

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