Michael Phelps is a class act

Just watching the Olympics and after the 100 Fly final heard that Michael Phelps has decided to pass his place to Ian Crocker, whom he touched out (.04) in the Fly final. Crocker is the world record holder, the guy who Michael has woken up to every day as motivation and he lets him go to do the final Medley Relay. Hearing him talk and seeing him interact with the other members of his team, you know he’s a together guy.

When Bob Costas asked him what his favorite race was in the Games so far he said he was not able to narrow it down, but after thinking a second declares that he was part of 3 races in which the US went 1-2. You’ve got to respect that.

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  1. I had the exact same thought when I heard about all this a couple days ago. It’s surprising to see someone be a better at being human than they are an athlete, when they’ve won 4 gold medals in a week.

  2. i love you phelps! i myself am a swimmer… not NEARLY as good as you of course! i swim for RSA (raleigh swimming asscociation) im really excited, i might actually get to meet you! our team is thinking of doing a dinner to get money so we can get you to come, and they are gonna try to get you to come for an autographing session for us (the swimmers) or a swim clinic with you im REALLYYYYYYYYY excited! my name is mariah bunton, im 13 years old, 8th grade, i live in north carolina, i have like a bajillion posters of you πŸ™‚ my favorite stroke is butterfly and my favorite event is 200IM i really hope you are reading this! please reply, my email is mbutnon@earthlink.net i would loooove to meet you!

  3. hey michael,
    im a huge fan of your and i love swimming!! my favorite and best stroke is breaststroke, and i cant wait to compete at brown university for New Englands! my best friend on my swim team is a complete rival with me. today i have a swim meet and i will swim the 50 breaststroke, and i am going for our team record..its a 33.66, i swim a 36 and my coach just recently helped me with my stroke so i hope it will turn out good. good luck with all ur swimming!!

  4. michael I am your biggest fan or now that I have seen all these people I am only one of them. Anyway I just wanted to know your e-mail adress. and so does a slow girl names…

  5. Dear Michael,

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! My name is Nairika and I am such a big fan of yours. I recently finished reading your book “Beneath The Surface”. It was great, it really inspired me and been helping me reach my goals. I live in Auckland, New Zealnd and my main event is also the 200m butterfly. In november I competed in the Auckland Junior Cahmps I got the gold for the 200m butterfly, gold for 100m butterfly and bronze for 50m butterfly. I have also seen your video on butterfly drills and have been using them in training. I just turned 13 and am training 9 times a week and doing most sets in training fly.

    My goal is to qualify for the 2012 Olympics and then maybe I would have a chance to see you in person. If you ever happened to visit Auckland I would very much appreciate it if you got in contact with me because I would be over the top to see you. If you want to get in contact with me pleaase e-mail me at nairika@xtra.co.nz I would love to talk to you and be good friends. I think we would get along really well together because we have a lot in common.

    P.S.-Say hi to your mum, Hilary & Whitney from me.

    Love Nairika

  6. Just so everyone knows — both 13 and 14 here are from the same person. If you are going to post multiple comments as “different” people, you might want to at least change computers. πŸ˜‰

  7. I can own all u noobs in 400m free lol! I go 4:46
    13 male


  8. hey michael i dunno if u even remember me but i met you on the plane to beijing on the…7th?? anyways we got ur autograph and some pix memba? i think your really inspiring and i hope you receive the photo im gonna send to u!!
    love ya heaps

  9. There’s nothing to say ’bout you…you’re simply great…Hope to meet you in Rome2009, I’ll be there…Maybe I could be your guide in the most wonderful city in the world… πŸ˜‰ I’ve been there a few times and I could drive you in the most beautiful places… Love you Michael… PS: if you want, e-mail me at federiker@libero.it (I’m looking forward to receive your email…) I’m counting on it…I could receive a beautiful birthday present…don’t you?

  10. Michael Phelps messed up on U.S. Grand Prix,or maybe he didnt even try,anyways,he is a looser!!!

  11. hello Michael Phelps you are my idolo I number 1. I want to be as your also I am mariposista and I swim very well the 200 as your gustaria me conoserte in addition you do not take offense but to be better than your. I hope that someday he happens.

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  12. hey my names Leo, i’m 12 and my best stroke is fly i swim for black lion and i want to be like u wen i get to 2012 i really want to set a world record in 200m fly and 100m fly, so watch out for me. i hope you do well in 2008 Olympics πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Mr.Phelps I am one of the children from the Longhorn Swim camp. I needed some more information on how to do the breaststroke.

  14. I am wondering if Michael Phelps even has time to read these but if he does, then here is a letter…
    Hi Michael, I am a swimmer, too but I dont think I’ll ever be even half as good as you are at swimming, but I really want to try to catch up to you someday… I am only 11, so I have plenty of time left to attempt to make it to the olympics. I have been swimming since I was 5, I think on the Windsor Water Rats swim league, (I know, ha, ha, I am a rat.) and I just adore swimming. I really hope you can write me an email that would be fantastic, my email address is becca.nelson@sbcglobal.net i hope you win all gold medals and fufill your dream!
    Best of luck,
    Becca Nelson πŸ™‚

  15. I am so sick of hearing about how great Phelps is that I keep hoping that he will be disqualified for some sort of doping. Olympic swimming is a great sport, but the competitive rules should be changed so that an individual competitor should only be allowed to participate in a single event. For greedy folks like Phelps, they could create an event similar to the decathlon which would require completing a range of events, rather than allowing an individual to only opt in for those events that they think they can win.

  16. Michael Phelps, you have inspired me to keep chasing my goal and never to give up. you have taught me never to back down but to keep going. I have watched every race you swam in so far in the olympics and I must say you are amazing! I would really like too meet you one day which won’t happen most likely. I wish I would be able too. your amazing. your nt idol. i lovvve youuu! email sometime roxysurfin192@netscape.net thankkk youuu(:

  17. Michael Phelps, I think that you are the most talented guy out their. I have been watching your performance. I know that you are going to go all the way in your sport. I cannot even believe that we are both the same age. I think that your hot. I wish that we meet each other. I am your hug #1 fan and love you

  18. Michael Phelps is far from a class act, him buying Northwest Ice Rink! Crushes, dreams and jobs. Not everyone wants to be a swimmer, and the little girls that go walking into Northwest Wearing little tutu's wanting to be olympic skater… As much as I respect his wins, the need for privacy to purchase A rink is devastating!

  19. Right there with you, Amanda. How would Michael feel if someone decided to tear down the pool he calls home. Hundreds of skaters call Northwest their home, and of all the people, Michael can understand what this means!

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