Next Generation Treo revealed…

I walk away for a few minutes and discover that a whole host of new pictures were posted and discussed at TreoCentral, leading to even more at Engadget and of course Treonauts

Whether you call it the Ace or not is up to you, but the official name seems to be the Treo 650. Seems like a logical progression to me. The specs are solid…

  • Faster CPU – 312MHz
  • Bluetooth
  • High Res – 320×320 screen
  • Keyboard Backlighting System and what looks like a new keyshape. The ALT key now actually says ALT, and was moved to the lower row and there is an additional shift key ala the Apple on Apple Keyboards.
  • Video Recording Capability
  • 1.3 MP Camera — the camera has a mirror, Sony Ericsson style for the ever important self-portrait
  • Separate buttons above the main set and just off center of the 5-way for dedicated phone pick up, hang up as well as serving as the launcher Home as well.
  • Removeable Battery — data and talk hounds rejoice!

The bottom connector is entirely new, so any major accessories that you used are history which means larger keyboards and sync or charge cables. You are probably OK with your headset, though I can’t find any mention of whether it uses a more standard jack or whether it’s the same. You can clearly ditch it in favor of a bluetooth headset anyway.

Some key missing details… no word on whether the WiFi SD Card will work… No real info yet on data speeds either so for now we have to assume it’s still GPRS / 1XRTT rather than allowing for EDGE / EV-DO.

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