Virex 7.5

.Mac members are now entitled to a new version of Virex .. version 7.5 which has a completely new control center and is able to work nicely in the background checking email and files for baddies. Another nice bonus is that it is finally able to update the virus definitions automatically as well. I’ve been using it this week on my powerbook as well as the iMac at home and so far I am very pleased.

While the vast majority of viruses and worms don’t have any impact on Mac users it is still nice to know you’ve got protection. Every so often since it’s been running I’ve seen an alert from Virex informing me that a .pif was spotted or that a particular worm was included in a piece of spam. Virex is then able to clean (though not those things) or delete the file automatically. You can easily set the preference to handle this stuff automatically.

I’d recommend the update for all .Mac users — just login to the site and download your free software.

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