Nintendo DS does VOIP

In its Electronic Entertainment Industry Update released today, TNI Securities reports that the recently revealed headset port on the Nintendo DS will be used in conjunction with the built-in wireless 802.11b networking capabilities to offer voice-over-IP chat–in effect, allowing gamers to use the DS to make free phone calls at wireless network hotspots. [Gamespot via Gizmodo]

4 Replies to “Nintendo DS does VOIP”

  1. Just another reason why i am going to buy the Nintendo DS. Cheap, innovated, and free phone calls at my campus (campus is Wi-FI) and unlimited internet gaming!!! I can’t wait till this awesome device comes out, along with VOIP software.

  2. The price is certainly right… Have to see how it all comes together when it’s finally released. The Sony PSP is very slick as well though…

  3. see i have a Ds but what am i going to do when the internet thing comes out, i think ill have to buy it again

  4. Not so sure you’ll have to buy anything more than a headset. Nintendo stated recently that the internet / wifi piece will be free. I am not sure if that is a private network, or open internet, but I am sure someone will hack it to work if it turns out to be closed.

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