Pocket PC as a WiFiphone

The Vonage Softphone forums have a few posts on this and while it’s not supported, it definitely works. I don’t have and probably won’t be getting a PPC device, but for those of you with WIFI PPC’s and a Vonage account, you might be quite happy reading this… The Softphone service is pretty cool and if you add it on to your Vonage account, you get 500 minutes unlimited local and LD, which is a pretty good amount of talking (not power business use, but average). If you have a softphone account now, this is just another way to make use of it instead of lugging a laptop around…

This week’s How-To is a handy one for the folks out there who use the Vonage Voice Over IP (VOIP) service and happen to have a Pocket PC device with WiFi. We%u2019re going to show you how to turn just about any Pocket PC PDA device in to a real telephone with a working telephone number. At the end of this, we’re also going to post our phone number so you can test it out (it might be a long distance call for you). [Engadget]

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