Apple needs to fix iPod limitations

Something that bothers me about the limitation of the iPod is that I can’t easily put music on my iPod from multiple computers. I know I am not alone in this, but it’s continually frustrating.

I manually sync since my digital collection is way larger than my 40GB iPod and I use iTunes now on 3 computers (Powerbook, iMac and now a PC laptop). I’d like to just connect to each of them when I want to push new tracks to the iPod while on the go.

My main collection is on the iMac but my main computer is the Powerbook and now with the PC Laptop thrown in — plus iPodder, I need an easy way to add tracks to the iPod from any of my systems.

I appreciate the copyright and DRM issues, but still don’t get why if you play within the limits of the iPod / iTunes licensing you still have to use a single computer to sync or update the iPod.


Clearly I was wrong in my understanding that this was impossible… I have to get a cable now though to sync with the PC – at least transfer tracks at will. I’ll also be looking forward to doing this on my Powerbook.

I was definitely under the impression that you were not able to move tracks to the iPod from more than a single system even in manual sync mode, which is actually how I use it to sync a single large playlist from our desktop at home.

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  1. I don’t see where the problem is. You say you have manual sync already, so er … what’s going wrong? I have a similar set up. Rip review CDs at work, plug in the iPod and copy them across. Go home, copy some old ones across. At girlfriend’s, copy some across from her iTunes. It’s very easy to add tracks to the iPod from any of my systems.

  2. Jonathan, do you understand that iTunes can be put into a mode where it doesn’t erase music when plugging your iPod in a second or third computer? How about you explains what happens when you plug your iPod on other computers?

    Your article doesn’t make any mention of the manual syncing option… why?

  3. I meant, you don’t mention any details of the manual synch option and what is a problem for you in this function. You almost sound like you don’t have any idea that it exist or how it works.

  4. My ipod fallen on the floor. And the desktop is broke. I want to know where is the place that I can take it to that place and they can help me to fix it.
    [The place that is in THAILAND]

  5. hey, people out there, there are some limitations for iPod…
    its normal, some product have limitations… on the way the technology is moving straight up, older product`s limitations can be a new feature of a new one.

    i know ur point all of u there, i admit that this iPod have limitations… but don:t blame anyone, or anything…

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