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As I’ve mentioned all last week, we took a break from the city and headed North to Vermont. This was actually our second trip north recently, having driven to Saratoga for my sister-in-law’s wedding. On both occassions, we were fortunate to rent a great family truckster, the Volvo XC-70 wagon. It had a surprising amount of cargo capacity, compared with the SUVs we’ve also rented for trips, but was a great deal more comfortable and of course handles like a car. It’s a tad under-powered for my taste though perhaps that will be resolved in future models… now that I hear a beefy engine is coming for the XC-90.

Both times we had the car (different cars, but the same model), it came equipped with a Hertz / Magellan Neverlost III system. The Nav system worked incredibly well, though frankly it took me a while to actually understand all the features of it while we were going. Perhaps it was the distraction of a screaming baby at times, but there are some nice features hidden within the NL III which could easily be brought to a driver’s attention with a handy reference card. Regardless the system enabled us to find a new faster way to drive up to Vermont, than any time we’d been in the past which was handy and while in Saratoga, kept this direction-impaired dad on course in between wedding events for the weekend.

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