VOIP gets the job done

I used my Vonage (X-Ten) softphone for all but one call last week based on a flickering wi-fi connection in my hotel room. I was also able to use Skype on occasion to connect with people as well. All connections were computer to computer or computer to phone.

I’m sold on this as a way to go now and even just changed my Skype name to assure ease of use for the future. I was (and am still) atmasphere on Skype but have added jonathangreene and will most likely use that as my full-time skype name. I definitely saw an opportunity to lock in my actual name as well as my usual alias and took it. No need for someone else to snag it before I had a chance.

Now that I’ve got it running on my Macs at home, I can see using it much more frequently. I love the notion of calling to phones and believe the rates are unbeatable! Skype to Skype is free and you can Skype to phone close to 500 minutes a month for about $12. Prices are listed in Euro, so you need to do a quick conversion. I have not actually used Skype to call phones yet, but it seems pretty straight forward.

Feel free to look me up and if you are online.

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