Helpful tips for Chatter Email

First of all, if you have not read the manual, I would strongly suggest you do so in order to take advantage of the application to it’s fullest. Marc Blank, the developer, has written a very user friendly piece and it’s included with every download — unless you’ve just been downloading the updated .prc files.

When I first read it I saw that there were some secret codes you could type into the console – Menu / Pref / Console (/W) like Turbo and Log. Turbo enables a much more rapid loading of messages as it allows for larger groups of them to come through at once. Log is something really only to be used if you are having a problem and need to submit a report…

This week, in addition to adding attachment support, Marc has posted a list of codes you might use in the console and I thought it would be helpful to re-print them here…

You’ll need to be running at least 1.0b10.3… though as of this post, the latest is 1.0b10.4.

  • chatterclassic – enables IM support; account required
  • chatteremail – disables IM support; the default
  • indicator , color = green, red, or orange. Sets LED msg indicator.
  • log – toggles logging
  • memo – annotates a log
  • note – same as memo
  • profile – SMTP profile debug info
  • register , code = assigned registration code. Registers ChatterEmail. Confirmation is done when the next email arrives.
  • reload – Deletes all messages in the current mailbox from the treo and starts the reloading process.
  • turbo – Toggles “Turbo Load” which loads messges in groups of 2-15 at a time (depending on load size)

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