Skype for Palm OS — Coming Soon!

Skype Rocks — This is still a pseudo rumor, but we’ll know soon enough. Skype is VERY quickly pushing itself across most if not all connected platforms. You gotta love it. No word just yet on what type of connection will be required to do voice, but at the very minimum, it seems you’ll be able to have a single IM client across all platforms which is certainly handy. I hope GPRS is able to handle it, though it will most likely require WiFi at a minimum.

According to the ABC news website tonight Skype will introduce a Palm client next month – “A name on many lips was Skype Technologies S.A., the rave of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) revolution. Luxembourg-based Skype displayed its software for Pocket PC-based handheld computers that lets anyone in a Wi-Fi cloud make a free Internet voice call to other Skype users. Company founder Niklas Zennstrom called from Europe and the audio quality was at least as clear as any landline phone service. A Palm OS version is promised for next month.” [Palm Addict]

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