Gmail Adds Atom Feeds

I don’t see this yet on my GMail, but am looking forward to adding my Gmail account to my aggregator… This will be cool to add to my RSS2email as well for learning about new Gmail messages while on the go.

Gmail has added Atom web feeds, a format that’s akin to RSS. The feeds include a summary of each new message in your Google email. [Micro Persuasion]

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  1. mr. greene,
    my gmail has added the button, but only linked to the following code?

    < ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    Gmail - Inbox for
    New messages in your Gmail Inbox 2004-10-04T14:10:34Z


  2. Hey Ben – great to have you reading!

    I can’t actually get your code to display here, but what you need to do is subscribe to the URI that lists in the location bar of your browser after clicking the ATOM link in GMail. Not sure how you read feeds… you can email me if you like or just post another comment here and we can sort that out as well.

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