Treos To Get MS Exchange Sync Support

PalmOne will soon enable native Exchange sync support, which will not only eliminate the need for 3rd party products, but also give total control to the user. This can’t be too good for Good, and seems to work around the need for RIM’s software as well. I’ll have to ask about this stuff when I am at the Treo Roadshow on Thursday.

PalmOne said Tuesday that it will add the ability for its Treo smartphones to synchronize directly with e-mail and other personal information stored and managed by Microsoft Exchange Server.

Specifically, the device vendor said it is licensing Microsoft’s Exchange Server ActiveSync protocol, which is used for synchronization between mobile devices and Microsoft Exchange Serve 2003. PalmOne said it will add the capability in forthcoming Treo smartphones, which, it said, will eliminate the need for third-party synchronization software.

“Having wireless synchronization to Exchange 2003 available out-of-the-box will enhance our smartphone customers’ experience while slashing company IT costs,” Ed Colligan, palmOne’s president, said in a statement.

PalmOne is widely expected to be releasing new versions of the Treo this autumn, but it did not say if the support for Exchange Server will be in those new devices. [Mobile Pipeline]

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