Pocket Tunes to Wirelessly Stream Music Collections

It will be interesting to see how this works… You could actually do this now via Slim Devices free server software which already connects directly to your iTunes library or simply a folder of tunes. This service sounds like it will allow for a simpler solution to browse and select tunes. Slim makes it easy to stream but since you need to connect to your library over a data connection it can be a bit slow to do on a GPRS connection while streaming. If you’ve already configured the playlist though, you should be cool.

The Pocket Tunes service for Palm OS will allow users to browse their music collections and playlists stored on any home computer. The selected music can be streamed to any Palm Powered smart mobile devices via WiFi hotspots or mobile data services. Users will have access to their entire music collection wherever they may be, without requiring significant memory on their Palm Powered smartphone or wireless handheld. The service will automatically transcode music files stored on the home computer to an appropriate rate based on the available bandwidth. [PalmInfocenter.com]

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