Sync Happens

Sync just works on the Mac which is what makes it so great through iSync… it’s a tad slow at times when you move large databases of info across multiple computers, and portable devices (phone, Palm, iPod etc…). You can do this via cable or over bluetooth. Apple gets it and they’ll be extending the reach of sync across the greater system when Tiger arrives..

I don’t care if you *never* use your mobile for internet data, you still want your address book backed up in case you lose your phone, right? That’s syncing. But then it goes from there to any piece of data you store on your phone. You want to not only back it up, but make sure it’s synced with the rest of your digital world. Calendar and PIM information is what Palm does best. Also apps (again Palm does it perfectly), then music files where the iPod shines. And then it goes on to every file you have on your mobile device. You want to make sure it’s the latest version, that if you change that data it’s reflected anywhere else you use that data and finally, that if in case you lose that data, it’s backed up somewhere you can get at it. It’s simple. I don’t care if this all happens over a USB Cable, A Bluetooth Connection or a Cellular Network. It just needs to happen, and seamlessly. If you have to think about syncing, it’s not syncing. [Russell Beattie Notebook]

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