CallVantage behind the Router

I got this working today and am very pleased… I am back to my previous network and ports I was redirecting to various places from outside are working again. This means I can now make and receive calls correctly from behind any router in theory which means I can make and receive calls from anywhere I want, like a hotel, and not have to worry about getting blocked – at least until they catch on in the hotel world and once again force you to pay extra to use their land lines…

Thanks to Andy for the assistance!

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  1. Anything special you needed to do to set it up? I was considering ordering CA, and want to run behind my router.

  2. Turns out it’s pretty straight-forward. You need to activate the TA in front of the router and it gets a few bits of firmware… Once the latest has been activated it can be moved. When you move it you need to unplug everything and plug things back in IN ORDER of how you have it routed.

    On my set-up it’s Cable Modem > Router > TA > Switch. The switch is actually coming off my router just like the TA, but I chose to do it last.

    The nice thing about the TA (I have the D-Link) is that after it adjusts you’ll get a single ring on your phone to let you know it’s all good.

  3. What firewall do you have? Did you have to open ports? I am considering ordering this service but i can not have a double NAT, it will break my VPN to the office. For this service to work i HAVE to have it behind the router.


  4. Barry –

    Here’s a breakdown of my setup…

    Linksys BEFSR41 4 port Router with a Linksys 8 port switch. I have my CallVantage and Vonage boxes connected through the switch. Vonage just works that way. CallVantage needed to be activated and updated before making the move behind the router. I don’t have anything connected through the D-Link ATT box, so I can’t say whether the double NAT addressing works once it is behind things.

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