But will it do WiFi?

Engadget notes the News.com story that PalmOne may actually be looking into developing a Windows Mobile Treo in addition to a Palm based unit. This would seriously hurt the PalmSource group and OS devices in general to have such an inside defection… I hope it’s just a rumor, though at least there are solutions to sync to Mac in case this does go down.

PalmSource’s biggest customer and maker of the Treo 650) appears it really might be planning to use Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS in its Treo line of smartphones (they’d keep making Palm-powered Treos). No comment from Microsoft on this yet, when it’ll be out, carrier, specs or even which flavor of Windows Mobile it will be, but we’re guessing Pocket PC Phone Edition if it’s going to be in a Treo form factor. [ Engadget ]

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