Is EDGE an edge?

Does the fact that ATT/Cingular already has an active EDGE network give it a true edge for hungry Treo user itching to get their hands on the latest?

As a T-Mobile customer I know I am certainly weighing my options… I’ll have to wait and see what kind of data plans are available once the unit gets closer to its predicted December 1 launch but knowing that TMO was last to get the Treo 600 and that they do not have any formal EDGE announcements for the US just yet does not make me that comfortable.

My Treo 600 works great on TMO’s GPRS. They have a great unlimited data plan and no issues with how you use your phone and computer together… but the future is here now and like all good gadget geeks I want to be riding the crest of that first wave. I can’t be the only one thinking about ATT right now… thank goodness portability kicked in last year so we can easily make decisions based on the best place for your changing needs.

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