Bit Torrent to the rescue

Last night my DVR crapped out(second time, second box), froze and decided to delete everything it had done since 7 am that day. We lost a few primetime programs which we had yet to watch or complete and I was at a loss for what to do (in order to prevent the wrath of my wife really) until I remember my friend Bit Torrent.

It’s amazing and wonderful that you can find such an abundance of programming, both from the past — and more importantly in this case totally current! I even found one of the shows we wanted to catch which had been captured in HD. It’s pretty cool people are contributing their work for others in this way… commercials even get edited out, so you don’t have to even consider fast forwarding… nice! Watching this back on the Home Theater via Eyehome even nicer!

With faster broadband, it would totally be possible to share in almost realtime. I believe in fact that via some form of P2P this is already happening in Korea where over 80% of the population has a broadband over 6MB. It took me all night and a bit of this morning to get both the shows I wanted (The Apprentice and C.S.I. in HD) since they are both an hour long, but this am, I was able to quickly snag the past two night The Daily Shows as well. With the popular stuff, there are quite a few people to connect to which really gets the transfer rates going…

Don’t forget to keep on seeding after you get what you need to keep it good for others.

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