Media Adapter market just wrong?

According to the Park Associates study eHomeupgrade points to, the Media Adapter market is slow to grow based on just a sheer lack of understanding of things. You have to have a network of some kind (or be willing to create one) if you want to use a Media Adapter and apparently the people who claim they might be interested just have yet to develop a clue. I’m not sure if this is cart before horse, or just a response to some product marketing that seemed interesting, but was misinterpreted. Pretty painful if these number are accurate…

Parks Associates, in its latest “Digital Media Adapters and Receivers: Analysis and Forecasts” report, has found that 71% of households willing to purchase a DMA do not have a home network. Huh? In addition, most DMA products are designed with wireless home networks in mind, but only 14% of likely buyers have a wireless setup in their home. [eHomeUpgrade]

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