Ad Pros See Bigger DVR Effect

Interesting though not surprising info coming from AAF survey on DVRs and the impact on TV advertising…especially given the new push by cable companies to install DVRs.

The AAF surveyed 121 advertising leaders regarding the effect they feel DVRs will have on the 30-second spot. A majority of respondents (55%) felt that non-traditional ad formats (such as advertainment, content sponsorship or product placement,) will grow, but that the 30-second ad spot will continue to be the standard for TV advertising. Just over 20% of respondents felt that the growing use of DVRs will lead to a “dramatic” transformation of TV advertising, including the end of the 30-second spot as the basic unit of TV advertising. In all, 76% felt DVRs will lead to some change in the TV advertising market.

Interestingly, the DVR is being viewed as a more serious factor for change in 2004 than one year ago. In 2003, many AAF survey respondents felt that the DVR would be a threat to TV advertising %u2014 22% felt that the DVR penetration would not reach levels necessary for it to have an effect on TV ads, while 13% of respondents said that the DVR threat is over-hyped. But from 2003 to 2004, the percentage of advertising professionals citing these opinions dropped off greatly, comprising only 12% of respondents in the 2004 survey. [eMarketer]

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