Sirius Radio Gets Serious

First the big drive for new subscribers via Howard Stern today and now the news breaks on the new CEO. It’s still a tough call between XM and Sirius in my mind if I had to pick. I like Howard but don’t listen to enough radio at the moment (no drive time for me) to consider spending money on a radio service just yet. I actually tried to get a radio today having heard there would be many more physical devices being handed out… a coupon is not enough to push me over just yet.

NEW YORK ( — Mel Karmazin is joining Sirius Satellite Radio as CEO, according to executives familiar with the matter.

Mr. Karmazin, the former Viacom chief operating officer and president of Viacom, exited the company in May and said last week at a radio conference in Portugal that his future involved either linking with an investment company or joining a high-growth company or remain doing nothing. Mr. Karmazin did not respond to an e-mail request for comment.

Mr. Karmazin’s name has been floated in connection with Sirius ever since the company signed radio personality Howard Stern to a five-year, $500 million deal. Mssers. Stern and Karmazin have long worked closely together. Mr. Stern is currently tied to his contract to Viacom’s Infinity Radio. [Ad Age]

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