Voom adding 30 MORE HDTV channels

Voom had a rough start when they launched losing about 20% of their customers through churn as they were ramping up. It seems that while the path is far from clear the picture sure will be… adding an additional 30 HD channels is very exciting news and something that should attract people looking for HD content once they get their sets. I have roughly half their current crop of HD channels through Time Warner cable, but this move will push Voom way ahead.

As I’ve stated numerous times, Voom doesn’t appear to be the “about to fold” company many have made them out to be, and this bit of news wouldn’t lead me to believe otherwise. On or around March of 2005 Voom will add an additional 30 plus HDTV channels, as well as nearly 200 standard definition channels, according to Tom Dolan, CEO of Rainbow Media Enterprises. [Home Theater Blog]

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