Kaleidescape Gets Sued

Reading this news at eHomeupgrade it struck me just how ignorant some people can be… Why wait until the product has been licensed and released to do something like this?!?! Why even allow the license??

Kaleidescape, one of the few players in the DVD movie server market that has made the best effort in producing a fully licensed, be it a super-expensive ($27,000), movie jukebox is getting sued by DVD Copy Control Association (DVD CCA). The twist to this story is that the DVD CCA is the licensing partner Kaleidescape pays off to have the right to bypass CSS copy-protection technology used by DVDs when making “bit-for-bit” copies for storage on the movie server, which are then available for in-home network distribution and viewing. [http://www.ehomeupgrade.com/entry/405/kaleidescape_gets_sued]

The really ridiculous thing is that the Kaleidescape is so expensive it automatically limits the number (max – hundreds) of people could afford and would actually want something like this.

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